Our Products

Our Certified Organic broth is handcrafted the same way it has been for centuries: in small batches.

We start by using triple filtered water. Adding Pastured, organic chicken bones -including the feet-which are particularly rich in gelatin. For our beef broth we use Certified Organic Grass-Fed beef bones. We add organic onions, organic fresh garlic, Celtic Sea Salt® by Selina Naturally® and Organic apple cider vinegar. The vinegar acts as a magnet to help pull the vitamins and minerals from the bones and into the broth. We then bring the broth to a boil and immediately reduce to a simmer. This slow simmer continues on for 24 hours for our chicken broth and 48 hours for our beef broth. An hour before the broth is ready we add fresh organic parsley to pull any remaining minerals from the bones. The broth is then coarsely filtered and immediately cooled, packaged in our BPA and EA free bags and then immediately frozen to preserve freshness.