Our Ingredients

No Powders. No Fillers. No Crap.

For years, companies have tried to make food something it shouldn’t be. Whether it was making sauerkraut shelf stable or taking a nutrient-dense broth and tetra-packing or even worse, powdering it, we’ve had enough of good food being screwed up. It’s time for science to stop messing with our food. Reading an ingredient list shouldn’t require a PhD in Chemistry which is why we’ve made a promise to never use ingredients you couldn’t find in your own pantry. We believe in Real Food. That means no shortcuts, no tricks, no processing, no drying, no powdering, no extracting, no hydrolyzing, no adulterating or any of the other processes that require a laboratory.

Read your labels

Knowledge is power. Reading your labels is your chance to educate yourself on what you’re putting in your body. Ingredients you can’t pronounce? Ingredient lists longer than the last novel you read? These are signs the food you’re about to choose would be better suited for a science project than a nutrient-dense meal. We’ve made a list of ingredients to watch out for. Print it out, post it on your fridge, take a picture of it on your phone and reference it while grocery shopping. If you know better, you can choose better.

Our “Never Ever” List

Citric Acid
Hydrolyzed Anything
Wheat Extracts
Yeast Extracts
Chicken “Flavoring”
Tetra-Pak/Shelf Stable Broths

Monosodium Glutamate
Canola Oil
Disodium Anything
Soybean Oil
Heat Filled Plastic Bags

Artificial Coloring
Natural Flavors
Animal Byproducts
Sodium Caseinate