Cold + Flu Busters

Our friend @rachaelsgoodeats incorporates bone broth and natural herb supplements to boost her immune system!

With cold + flu season in full effect, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite ways to support your immune system – whether you’re avoiding a bug, fighting a bug or just getting over one!

1. Bone Broth – we know, it’s a given. Bone Broth contains amino acids such as glycine, proline and arginine that have powerful anti-inflammatory effects. Arginine has been found to be beneficial for whole body inflammation and the amino acid, cysteine, is known for its ability to thin mucus. Not to mention that when you’re sick, soup is ALWAYS a good idea! We are one of the only bone broths available that has a full amino acid analysis done on our bone broth. Check out what is in 8 ounces of our organic beef bone broth below!

2. Sleep – this is often so overlooked and the most important part of healing! The bodies most powerful repair mechanisms take place during sleep. Ensuring 8-10 hours of sleep per night in a completely dark room (cover up those alarm clock and LED lights) is crucial for supporting a healthy circadian rhythm which supports a well functioning immune system. Creating a bedtime routine is a really helpful way to prepare yourself for some good sleep. About 30 minutes before bed, turn off electronics, bright lights and instead, read a magazine, book (anything that’s not a screen) to help your mind and body wind down and prepare for good rest. We like to have a bone broth nightcap while doing this as well!

3. Vitamin D – when winter comes and the weather turns cold, we turn to heavy sweaters and staying indoors to keep warm. While this might be comfortable, it can drastically affect the body’s Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D helps to modulate both the innate and adaptive immune responses. Sunshine is the best way to get your vitamin D but you can also get it from things like sardines (we love Wild Planet Foods), cod liver oil and organic pastured egg yolks from Vital Farms.

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