3 Blends to Supercharge Your Bone Broth

Let’s talk about bone broth: while we love a good mug of traditional bone broth, we also love to find new, delicious, nourishing ways to enjoy it. From fresh greens to turmeric + frothed butter (hello, anti-inflammation!), we’ve got a blend that will satisfy your taste buds.

1. Anti-Inflammatory – Bonafide Provisions Beef Bone Broth, Pastured Butter, Ghee or Coconut Oil, Turmeric, Cardamom, Ginger, Cinnamon & Nutmeg

With Turmeric being the trending superfood of 2016, why wouldn’t we want to add it to our bone broth?! This delicious blend combines the nutrient-dense benefits of bone broth, the healthy, vitamin rich fats of pastured butter or ghee, the super-duo anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric + cinnamon all combined with the digestive supporting benefits of ginger. Blend all of these ingredients and you’ve got yourself a sippable snack that nourishes and satisfies.

2. Greens – Bonafide Provisions Beef Broth, Organic Greens, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Sea Salt, Pastured Ghee or Butter/Coconut Oil

Our version of a savory smoothie. This is a great way to get your healthy greens! We love this blend because it’s balanced in macronutrients. The protein + fat from the bone broth, combined with the complex carbohydrates from the greens and the beneficial fat from butter makes this a great option for a meal replacement! We prefer to drink this warm but you can also drink it chilled!

3. Umami – Bonafide Provisions Chicken or Beef Bone Broth, Coconut Aminos, Red Boat Fish Sauce, Fresh Ginger

We have long used bone broth as a base for our favorite asian inspired dishes, this blend is reminiscent of that and is one of our favorites. You can use either our beef or chicken bone broth, whatever your preference! The coconut aminos and fish sauce offer a rich, savory flavor while the fresh ginger brings some kick and freshness to your broth. If you want to get even more creative, add some kelp noodles to this blend and a squeeze of fresh lime and you’ve got yourself a meal!

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